The Benefits of BrideCo

BrideCo is a co-operative of over 65 Independent Bridal Stores and Boutiques across the UK. All members are independently owned, and operated, but part of the gowing BrideCo Trade Association. This means members have access to a wide range of pooled resources, including insurance for Brides, finance packages for Brides (selected stores only) and access to wedding dress search and stock availability.

For Stores, the benefits are having access to a network of stores, for help with stock availability across the country, advice and support from other members, as well as marketing support, tutorials and social media advice. We work closely with many leading Designers and Suppliers of Genuine Designer Wedding Gowns, to ensure our customers have access to the very best in Bridal. Our members include wedding dress designers, bridal seamstresses, and bridal owners who are time served apprentices in the industry, having learnt from the very best. A knowledge of Bridal Gowns is not learnt overnight, can not be taught on a training day, but is gleaned from years of working in the industry, and learning from the experts.

For Brides, the benefits are knowing a BrideCo store meets our trading standards and follows a code of practice. BrideCo members offer their Brides free Wedding Dress Insurance up to £1000, giving peace of mind for deposits paid, and discounted rates for your wedding insurance. A BrideCo member store will offer Genuine Designer Bridal Gowns from respected and highly regarded Design Houses, and have a wealth of experience to help, assist and support our Brides.

As BrideCo members, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, our knowledge of the Bridal Industry, and our love for the very best in Bridal gowns. BrideCo member stores are passionate about offering our brides genuine gowns, expert advice, and excellent and knowledgeable customer service. We believe that purchasing a wedding dress should be an enjoyable and memorable experience, and our clients are treated as individuals.

BrideCo members have years of experience in the Bridal industry. Often knowing the designers personally, and understand the complexity of a wedding dress. The Gowns we offer, are genuine designer gowns, supplied by the very best of Designers, quality assured, and cutting edge designed. A genuine designer gown is not a cheap, mass produced import, simply labeled as 'designer', and offered with no advice or service, or after care. We believe choosing your wedding dress takes time, and an eye for detail. We understand what styles suit our brides, and what works. We do not just sell dresses, we help Brides find their dream dress and accessories. Whether you buy from a ready to wear collection, or have your gown made to order, our gowns take time to produce, and are produced with care.

In Short, BrideCo Members care not just about their own business, but about the bridal industry, This was highlighted in recent Covid Times, when the support and help offered to each other, the advice shared, and the guidance given was provided with a certainty that we are in this together, even in these uncertain times.

We may be independent, but we are a team, a network of support and professionalism, with members who know that being a small business in this industry does not mean that you are alone.

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