And here we are in June

Is it just me or has the three weeks of lockdown, announced at the end of May felt like a life time? We are now heading into June, but there is hope on the horizon, with non-essential shops such as us Bridal being told we may be open for June 15th.

So, that means there is a lot to prepare for, a lot of re-organising and restructuring, and a lot of staff training, as we all grapple with the new social distancing guidelines as we endeavour to keep everyone safe, happy and to welcome brides back through our doors.

From what I understand, hand washing/sanitising will be required before entry into a store, appointments will be required, and social distancing or 2m will be needed at all times, Masks should be worn when social distancing can not be achieved. We may need to record visitors temperatures, and keep a record of everyone who attends for any contract tracing information that may be required.

The cleaning of premises, especially all public areas will be paramount, and risk assessments need to be carried out, to identify areas where contamination could occur. Door knobs, hand rails, seating and tables, plus card machines, reception desks, toilets and changing rooms are all going to be areas that we need to pay particular attention to, along with the quarantining and steaming of dresses after each try on.

But all of this, we will take in our stride, because what we do best is look after people, we give the very best of service - and this will be no different.

We always strive for the very best in bridal, so we have another level of attention to detail to achieve. This will become normal, and second nature soon enough, and perhaps, we won't want to go back to how it was, some of these changes will be for the better.

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