Well - That was unfortunate!

As we all watched Boris on the TV, announcing what seemed like the end of the world, we all have to come to terms with - nothing.

That is right, the Government has given us all permission to put our lives on pause, hit the reset button, whilst we wait for this virus to be controlled and to eventually die away. For those of us in the Bridal Industry, this is not a state of affairs that we are used to. We are at the very start of the wedding season, and ready for 2020 weddings, that have been planned and prepared for. But as we sit helplessly by, watching what should be the start of a very busy season slip away, we need to stay focussed.

Now is the time to focus on family, homelife and ourselves. For far too long we have all put our businesses first, but as of now, for the next 3 weeks, or perhaps even longer, we need to concentrate on our own wellbeing, so that when we can once again return to work, we are ready, both mentally and physically for what lies ahead.

So for now, put up your feet, breathe deeply and relax, this time we have been given is a gift, it may not feel like it right now, but it is a gift all the same, a little present of time, life is on pause for the moment, but grab it and make the most of every day.

#brideco #covid19 #lockdown

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