BrideCo Members are back and ready to help you find your dream dress!   So much preparation has gone on behind the scenes,  as Bridal Shops across the country make sure that your visit to them is fun, exciting, but most of all safe, in these Covid19 times.

The new normal has quickly become everyday life, as bridal stores adapt to the new guidelines that the government has announced, with hand sanitising, face-masks and social distancing in place.  Although we were all worried about how we would manage given these new circumstances, we are all amazed at how quickly we have adapted, and how staff and customers have welcomed these changes.

When booking your appointment with BrideCo Members, please make sure you are aware of what to expect when you arrive for your appointment.   In many cases the number of guests you can bring with you has changed,  but many stores are offering you the opportunity to share your "SAY YES" moment with your loved ones,  via Facetime or videolink.

Pre-Booked appointments are essential at this time, but that doesn't mean you won't get a same day appointment,  so phone your chosen store, to see what availability they do have,  but be mindful that the cleaning and preparation time between appointments, mean that bridal stores can see less brides in a day.   So book ahead,  familiarise yourself with the store's entrance policies, as many will now have locked doors,  social distancing area's  and sanitising stations, temperature checks before you enter the bridal floor,   and please take a face-covering with you.

We are all committed to stopping the spread of Covid19, but we understand that life carries on, especially when planning a wedding, we just want to ensure that the virus doesn't.  So don't let it stop you searching for your perfect wedding dress; enjoy the experience, embrace the changes and visit the bridal stores that are doing all they can to keep you safe, whilst providing you with unforgettable memories and genuine designer wedding gowns.

We may be Socially distanced,  but we are still right by your side.









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Have you had to postpone your wedding?

2020 has not been kind to Brides and Grooms,  and we are all looking forward to a time when weddings can take place,  with full congregations and joyous receptions.

If you have had to postpone your 2020 wedding,  keep in touch with your bridal store if your dress is on order, or if they are storing your dress, or arranging seamstress work.  If your dress is on order, advise the store of your new date,  but please be aware that any outstanding balances do need to be paid when your dress arrives.  

BrideCo Member stores are Independent businesses, and during this especially difficult period,  the smooth running of any businesses is more important than ever.   

We all are preparing for a busy and exciting 2021 wedding season,  please help us to help you,  by being organised, understanding and in contact with your bridal store.


2020 Postponed Weddings

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